Hybrid cars and rancid cheese…

Terry:  I just don’t get it.  Everyone says they want people to buy hybrid cars.  It will help the environment. It will reduce American dependence on foreign oil.  It will stop us from destroying the ozone layer.  It will reduce the cost of health care (of course, they say that about everything they want you to do).  But, if they really want us to buy hybrids, why are they the ugliest cars on the market?

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Why isn’t there a candidate who looks like me?

by Terry Dunn

Not physically, of course, that would be weird.  But, why isn’t there someone I can vote for that thinks the way that I do?  Someone who can see what I can see and comes away with a similar impression of what is needed.  You might think that I want everyone to be conservative or liberal because I am one or the other.  But, this is not about party affiliation or right and left ideology.

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