The “Brains” Behind JMD

Terry head shot b&w

Terry Dunn is a successful businessman who has somehow maintained his optimistic view of life.  Although his stand-up comedy days are far behind him, he manages to persevere with a wry sense of humor and a smile.  He has never lost the ability to laugh at himself when he finds he is taking life a little too seriously.

When not contributing to JMD, Terry runs his business advisory firm, Intellegy, coaches executives, Chairs a Vistage Peer Advisory Board for CEO’s, and tries to find time to work on his first book.  He has been very happily married (sorry ladies) to his wife, Debbi, for almost 28 years.  He has a daughter, Sarah; a granddaughter, Bailey; a grandson, Jesse; and Kisho, an 11-year-old Shiba Inu.


grumpy_curmudgeon3 b&w

Mike Dunn is a successful real estate investor who has always had a knack for telling a great story.  While he may not be as optimistic as his brother, he never completely loses faith in his fellow man and brings a unique perspective of life (slightly sideways).

When not penning brilliant thoughts for JMD, Mike manages his real estate empire and enjoys the fruits of his labor in semi-retirement.  He is not married (the line forms to the right, ladies!).  He has two sons, Jason and Justin; and six grandchildren.